What is Orion?


In recognition of the sacrifices of our nation's military, Orion Military Scholarship Fund is dedicated to giving educational opportunities to talented children of active duty military families, by providing full merit scholarships to top-rated boarding schools across the United States.


By bringing together Orion's three constituencies -- Talented Military Students, Top-rated Schools, and Visionary Supporters -- we serve three important purposes:
1. To provide educational opportunities to deserving military families,
2. To provide schools with talented students from diverse backgrounds, and
3. To fulfill our supporters' desire to honor military families who lead lives of service.


Orion Military Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a Delaware nonprofit corporation headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island. Orion's 501(c)(3) status is currently pending; once approved, donations to the fund will be tax deductible.

"This military scholarship really opens the doors to the kids that deserve it. Not only am I able to enroll in great academic courses and classes, but I also get the full social experience."
"As a military scholar, I was finally able to stay at one school for four years and have cool experiences like taking a Semester at Sea and traveling abroad with my Global Studies class. Plus, I started playing squash, and now play on my college team."