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In recognition of the courage and devotion of United States military personnel, Orion supports talented military children from active duty military families with merit scholarships to the top boarding schools in the nation.


Given that most military children will be relocated at least once during their high school years, enrolling in a boarding school provides students a continuous four-year experience, without disruption of academic and athletic progress or the social landscape.


As a conduit and a catalyst, Orion connects talented students from active duty military families, excellent schools, and visionary supporters. The three constituencies involved in this unique partnership benefit from honoring those who lead lives of service.

Awarded to talented children
of active duty military personnel
to attend U.S. boarding schools

How it works

Step One

To honor those brave men and women who serve, and to recognize the educational challenges military families face, generous individuals, companies, and organizations donate to Orion to create our Military Scholarship Fund.

Step Two

To enrich their communities with diverse students who lead lives of service, U.S. boarding schools subscribe to the Orion Program, agreeing to give each Orion Military Scholar a four-year uninterrupted private education.

Step Three

Orion accepts applications from children of active duty military families in October and November each year. Students are selected for our program and then matched with a subscriber school in March and April.

Our Team

Orion is a non-profit organization, founded by leaders with broad experience in school administration, admissions, law, business, and military affairs.

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